Mandulis farmers in Uganda
Laudato sì Challenge
May 31 · 3 min read

Third Annual Laudato sì Challenge Seeks Prevent Forced Displacement by Empowering One Million Families to Remain in Their Homes by 2021

Mandulis Energy to Help Vulnerable People Through Poverty Alleviation and Access to Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Energy

June 1, 2019 — Kampala, Uganda — Today, Mandulis Energy, a 2017 Laudato sì Challenge finalist, made a formal Commitment to Impact to help The 2019 Laudato sì Challenge achieve its mission of preventing forced displacement by empowering one million families to remain in their homes by 2021 — supporting the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals “as a human dignity narrative, that leaves no one behind.” Over the next few months, Mandulis will secure public, private and faith sector partnerships — and then announce its Commitment in Vatican City on December 6th to catalyze additional stakeholder support.

“To help fulfill The 2019 Laudato sì Challenge mission to prevent forced displacement, Mandulis Energy commits to working with a funding partner and a faith-sector partner, to help 200,000 farming families, in sub-Saharan Africa — beginning with Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana — to improve their incomes, and to access affordable, reliable and sustainable energy, so that they may remain where they want to be: their homes,” said Peter Nyeko, CEO of Mandulis.

Madulis Energy technician loads agricultural processing residues into Biomass Power Plant.

“We thank Mandulis for this extraordinary commitment to help prevent forced displacement through their bold and innovative technology solution. Mandulis is one of our star companies from 2017, and it’s great to be able to come back full circle in this way,” said Laudato si Challenge CEO Eric Harr. “Now, we call on private sector partners to help us fulfill this Commitment.”

Mandulis is now seeking private sector partners who wish to make grants or equity investments into the company.

About Mandulis Energy

Mandulis Energy is a developer of renewable energy projects in emerging markets. We started in Uganda, where our pilots are operational. We develop both on-grid and off-grid power projects. Crucially, we are committed to creating and deploying new technologies and approaches, including proprietary software, to address the energy access “trilemma” by reconciling reliability, sustainability and affordability. Contact CEO, Peter Nyeko:

About The Laudato sì Challenge

Founded in 2017 in Vatican City, The Laudato sì Challenge is inspired by Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical letter, Laudato sì — On Care for Our Common Home. It is a 10-year initiative addressing the crisis of forced displacement by bringing together public, private and faith sector leaders. Taking up the challenges of Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical letter Laudato sì, the 2019 edition seeks to address the root causes of forced displacement: poverty, persecution, education, conflict and environmental degradation, and is pursuing its goal along two tracks: 1. selecting and supporting high-quality, later-stage enterprise solutions; and 2. securing new, specific and measurable “Commitments to Impact.” The Laudato sì Challenge is a 501(c)3 operating foundation with offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco and Rome.

Laudato sì Challenge

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The 2019 Laudato sì Challenge seeks to prevent forced displacement by empowering one million families to remain in their homes by 2021.

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