Luke, Jireh

November 12, 2015


Period 8

Recently, a children’s coloring book company, Really Big Coloring Books, came out with a new children’s book that they say in an interview with ABC7 News “ isn’t one of the most pleasant books our company has ever produced”. The coloring book is in the center of heated debate because of its controversial topic,Isis. The producers claim it is not intended for children, but most investigators believe that it is intended to teach children about the dangers of Isis. Fox News agrees with the book while ABC7 strongly disagrees with it even though they never state it directly in their article. Evidence of their apparent disagreement of the children’s book lies in the language they use as well as many of the things they depict in their article. They show in there article the many horribly grotesque things that happen in the book such as Acid being thrown on people’s faces and mass murder taking place to show that it’s not a book that young children should be exposed to. Unlike ABC7, Fox News agrees with the topic. This is shown through the video they released. 4/5 of the hosts on the show agreed with the book saying “it’s only facts and is purely educational”. Another reported said “it’s good for our younger generation to be educated about topics that are really quite relevant”. With most anchors saying positive things, it’s apparent that Fox News really does support this children’s coloring book. This example of different opinions between Fox News and ABC7 on the same topic shows the bias that is present during news, even though it’s not clearly stated. it also shows that people should not rely on the news entirely because bias may be influencing the severity of news.