How I designed a workshop to help our marketing specialists grow their design skillset and be more self-sufficient in their daily work.

In our marketing department, marketing specialists without design backgrounds are expected to design collateral for the field (essentially, our local branches). They often ask how they can be better designers, which in the past has been tricky, since it’s not always easy to teach design in conversation. …

In October of 2015, I went to London to attend a brand workshop at Landor’s amazing offices on the Thames, working with a team of designers from around the world.

The problem
One of our businesses was executing a global rebrand. As the world’s largest staffing company, active in 52 countries across the world, it was a huge project. Each country would be provided the new brand guidelines, but as far as actual assets go, they wouldn’t get much more than the logo and a few graphic elements. …

UX and Design Leader, seeking new opportunities in the Bay Area |

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