Microsoft recently announced the 2020 release plan wave 2 for Dynamics 365. It provides hundred of new features across the range of Dynamics 365 applications. These will be deployed between October 2020 and March 2021.

This article will introduce some of these new features!

Dynamics 365 Marketing: Use natural language to create targeted segments

Create and manage content-rich social media posts and easily monitor performance

  • Redesigned post creation experience, making it more engaging for marketers to build and post rich content.
  • Conveniently view all related social interactions and performance.
  • Redesigned scheduling experience, helping you create consistent streams of content across…

What is it ?

Option sets are a list of choices that are displayed by using a drop-down menu during data entry.

It helps streamline new record creation and standardize data entry, and they are best suited for a small set of standard short terms rather than long list of complex entries.

Option sets are managed as a separate list and then associated with a drop-down field.

You can create an option set directly on an entity or create a “Global Option Set” which you can reuse across the CRM.

Option Set Creation

There are two ways to create a Global Option Set. First, you can achieve…


Currency is a type of field in Dynamics 365. It’s used to stored monetary values. When creating a Currency field, Dynamics 365 will in reality create two fields behind the scenes. For example, if the new field Amount is created on an entity, two fields will be generated: and Amount (Base):

  • The first field Amount is meant to store the real monetary value, in the currency of the transaction.
  • The Amount (Base) field will store the value of the amount, converted to the base currency of Dynamics 365.

If the field Amount is the first Currency field for the entity…


In previous releases of Dynamics 365 or Dynamics CRM, users couldn’t enter data directly in lists/views or subgrids. They had to click the record to open it in a form, edit the data, and then save, which required multiple clicks. Editable Grids give users the ability to perform in-line editing directly from a list or sub-grid.

Visually, an Editable Grid looks just like a regular read-only grid. Almost all types of fields can be updated via such grid, exception made for Customer lookups, Owner, composite address fields, and state/status fields. Like the classical read-only grids, filtering columns, pagination, and resizing…

Quick presentation of FetchXML Queries

FetchXML queries describe the information to be retrieved in a table. It allows to select specific columns, to filter records on some conditions, to order the results on the values of one or more columns, to select the top n records.
These queries are used very often in the Dynamics 365 environment: directly in the UI of the CRM, in many tools around D365 such as XRMToolBox Plug-Ins, in the code of D365 Plug-Ins, etc

Presentation of FetchXML Builder

So, FetchXML queries are very useful in the D365 world. However, it can take time to learn how to write the queries. The FectchXML Builder…



Power Automate is a low-code tool that allows creating automated workflows between application and services to synchronise files, get notifications, collect data and more. These processes can be triggered by events or manually.

Below is an overview of the interface of a Power Automate Flow:

Image for post
Image for post

As can be seen, Power Automate allows to define processes using a graphical interface. The goal is to make it available to a large audience.
Power Automate has hundreds of different data sources and services, which are called “Connectors”. Below is a very short overview of some main connectors:

  • Office 365 Outlook
  • OneDrive for Business

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