A Glimpse into the Life of Lia

Part 1. The story of my Life in 100 Words

In fourth grade I fell in love. With soccer.

At recess, there was always groups of boys playing soccer. I was the first and only girl to join, and I loved it. I could keep up, take a few hits, and rebound after a fall. It was perfect. I felt like I belonged on the field.

I took to it immediately, and my mom’s family became my biggest supporters, all the way in Scandinavia.

My first jersey was from Barcelona. My idol became Kasper Schmeichel in sixth grade. He still is.

And I still love to play the beautiful game.

Part 2. Graphing my Life

How I spend my time:

What I worry about:

Part 3. Music That Moves Me

When I was 3, I would always hang out with my dad while my mom took care of my siblings. We would ride around his old school corvette, and I developed a love for cars. My dad also had a fairly realistic racing videotape that my brother and I were fascinated by around 6 years later. We would watch him race and learn about the cars, which was the coolest thing.

During every race, he would play one of his favorite songs: Beautiful Day by U2. I learned every lyric.

The lyrics and I connect. Somehow, I remain positive, despite having encountered bumps in the road. I thought I found someone to trust, but I was wrong. Yet, this doesn’t stop me from remaining positive. Today is a new beautiful day. I know that bad things can and will happen, but despite when the world tries to bring you down, there is always a positive.

Part 4. A Snapshot of 9:00 on Friday 8/26/16

Eating watermelon and watching a Cubs game with the family after a hard week

Part 5. My Video — a Typical Moment

Part 6. Famous People I admire

Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel had some of the ultimate expectations, his bad being one of the greatest goalies to have ever played the game. When he took up goalkeeping, imagine the expectations. I have expectations, being the 4th generation goalie that I am. He hates being compared to his dad,many being told that he will never be good enough, and I feel the same pressure, but much less. My mom was almost on the Danish Women’s team, and I have expectations. But I admire Kasper for his work ethic and ability to rise to the occasion.

The underdog story of Leichester City in the Premier League 2015–2016 season proved that he, like his father, can be a massively successful underdog.

Peter Schmeichel

Seem familiar from the last one? They are father and son. This is Peter Schmeichel, one of the best goalies to have ever played. He revolutionized goalkeeping, going off his line, taking risks, scoring goals. Proving to the world that anything is possible, with the underdog tale of the 1992 Euro cup. He even scored some diving headers and overhead kicks, being one of the most adventurous, and most successful goalies to ever live.

English Gardener

She was told that she would never run again when she tore her ACL and MCL, and she lost all of the college’s attention, except for the Oregon Ducks, and now she is a an Olympic athlete. She overcame the odds and did what people thought was impossible.

Part 7. A Quote I live by

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


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