We just abandoned our blog for Medium. You probably should, too.
Quincy Larson

I’m not sure if this was the best option. I understand the stats but I would analyze them by saying you had a larger and more specific audience on Medium who was interested in your work. All you had to do was get your audience on Medium to start reading on your blog. Your blog is ran by you and no one could ever take away your loyal audience, whereas medium is a platform that is ran by them and they can make any changes that they like. This has happened before at Facebook where people have had millions of followers and the next day, there followers were unable to be reached because Facebook began charging. Therefore, if you post outside of your own domain to gain followers, that is great but you should always be redirecting your audience back to your personal platform. Email listing is another thing that helps because I look forward to seeing new content on blogs that I follow when I receive an email, but that is only if it is quality content. All and all, everyone has their own way of looking of things.

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