Bye, Felicia (Felicia being 2015)

(Written Dec. 22, 2015 / Published Dec. 31, 2015)

Well, here it is, folks. My annual “let me recap the year” post. (In other words, “I’m one of 7 people in my department in the office right now three days before Christmas so this is as much productivity as you’re going to get out of me” post).

2015 kinda sucked. No other way to really put it. Nothing terrible really happened, but nothing great happened either. It was just kind of one those “there” years. Like white chocolate. You’ll eat it because it tastes “fine” (I dislike white chocolate, for the record) but you’re not gonna go raving to your friends about the white chocolate candy bar you ate yesterday. Am I right?

2015 brought lots of rejection. Romantically. Professionally. But I know there’s a lesson learned in there somewhere or a phrase about how “I grew stronger from it.” Or whatever.

I’m ending 2015 single, as usual, but finally with a job at a great company where I feel valued, needed, responsible, and appreciated. I finally wake up and don’t mind going to work in the morning knowing that I’m working for an organization striving to make other people’s lives better. (And my coworkers are wonderful).

So that’s it. Thaaaaat’s everything (thanks, Matt Bellassai). I hope 2016 brings everyone health, happiness, and no Donald Trump :)

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