Distrust the CIA

(This was originally written in January of last year, and should be read with that in mind. The prediction at the end holds up, in my estimation at least.)

The media are diligently regurgitating what was fed them: Putin “hacked” the US election. This line serves the purpose of warning Trump, should he decide working contra to the Agency, and of duping the public — something the self-styled “mind of America” have turned into a science (it would be in bad taste to say art).

In the developed world there persists a large number of people (usually the 50-plusers) which, whenever they see any vaguely technical term, are left momentarily awe-struck. That’s the perfect time, as all religious higher-ups know, to shovel bullshit undetected past the critical faculties —and this is where the colloquialism’s potential lies. Many voters are required to make their choice on electronic machines (contraptions that have a remarkable tendency to break down in the black neighbourhoods of red states). “Hacked” immediately makes one think of an invisible hand, working the cybersphere, shifting some ones, disappearing a few zeros. When in fact not even the CIA has been brazen enough to claim that. (All they assert, without evidence, is that the “Podesta emails” got to Wikileaks by way of the Russian state.) But I know of intelligent people who have jumped to this conclusion nonetheless, all because of a nudge from an agency whose business from start to present has been nothing but sinister.

It is seriously unpleasant to see figures of “the Left” align themselves with an institution responsible for, among much else, the following horror stories:

  1. Installing despots, and kitting out fascists, from everywhere from Bolivia to Chile, El Salvador, Brazil, Iraq, Guatemala; even Greece
  2. Protecting and employing Nazi war criminals
  3. The destruction of Vatican II
  4. The undermining of American democratic institutions (Operation Mockingbird)
  5. Torture and human experimentation (see Dan Mitrione and MK ULTRA, respectfully)
  6. Being instrumental in capture of Nelson Mandela and Abdullah Öcalan

No friend any leftist should want, in other words.

Also spew-inducing is to witness journalists treat hearsay from an agency whose primary purpose is disinformation as a hallowed truth.

I must add that The Intercept has been a spirit-enhancer during all of this. Glenn Greenwald and co. have shown themselves to be the 21st century inheritors of a tradition exemplified by George Seldes, I.F. Stone, Alexander Cockburn, Robert Parry, Sy Hersh and Gary Webb.

But it’s all justified, is it not? Trump, as we are told, is practically Hitler. Plus, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or some such vapid slogan. Is this really how the Left plans to go about confronting the gruesome reemergence of the Old Right? (Edit: the Democrats are now taking candidates directly from the Deep State.)

If so, then, goodness me, Trump’s presidency will be even more dire than was predicted.