Who Am I Project

Who Am I?

Its one PM, which means its time for band camp to start. As I sit in my chair I hear the familiar cacophony of the band room, low Tubas bellowing from the back and Piccolos screeching in front of me. “Outside!” yells the drum major, and out we go into the stifling summer heat. The sun radiates from the parking lot blacktop as I prepare for our marching exercises. “Five, six, seven, eight.” I hear the loud steady beat of the metronome piercing through the air as we begin our show for an empty stadium yet again.

Graphing My Life


Music That Moves Me

This a a flute and harp duet that I learned to play about a year ago, but this particular rendition really speaks to me. I love the combination of flute and harp as they are both such beautiful instruments with very pure sounds.

Snapshot of a Moment

My friends and I at the football game last Friday night after the halftime show.

Typical Moment Video

My friends and I after we took an unsuccessful hike in an attempt to get exercise.

Famous People I Admire

I really like Ellen DeGeneres because not only is she one of the funniest people on earth, she has done a lot of charity work and I think she is truly a good person.

Philippe Pinel

On a more serious note, this is a little known historical figure that I admire greatly. At a time where having a mental disability was often associated the the devil or witchcraft, Philippe Pinel started the reformation of people with mental health treatment that we now consider normal today. In his time, isolation, starvation, deliberate poisoning, shipping, and various other forms of abuse were considered the best “treatments” for the mentally ill. However, he encourages many practices still taught today including respect for patients, conversations, and affection. While I do not have a mental disability, I want to be a psychiatrist someday, so I have a lot of respect for this man.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler is a very funny and nice person who has raised a lot of money through YouTube for various charities and he always has a positive attitude that I admire and strive to have myself.

Quote to Live By

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

-Helen Keller

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