Pedophile Controversy Exposes GOP Family Values Hypocrisy

Cruz, Abbott & other TX leaders accommodate extremism & hate

By: Matt Angle, Lone Star Project Director

Later this week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz will speak at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington, DC, which is generally accepted by the media as the annual showcase for so-called conservative leaders and rising stars. Cruz will step into a controversy that illustrates how he and other Republican political personalities can no longer pretend to reflect traditional family values in America.

Pedophile defender speech scheduled and then canceled

Milo Yiannopoulos is a British personality, online provocateur, and writer who has become a hot commodity within hardcore Republican activist circles. Yiannopoulos embraces and espouses the most extreme anti-gay, anti-woman, and white nationalist rhetoric within the alt-right community. Over the last two years, he emerged as one of the most passionate supporters and defenders of Donald Trump, whom he refers to as “Daddy.
The Yiannopoulos appearance at CPAC was heavily promoted and highly anticipated, and then it was cancelled.
Why? It turns out that Yiannopoulos is not only an ardent alt-right Donald Trump devotee, he has also spoken in support of pedophilia. In the video tape seen here, Yiannopoulos clearly defends “relationships between younger boys and older men.” While white nationalism, sexism and homophobia were welcomed calling cards at the CPAC convention, the open promotion of pedophilia apparently went too far.

Cruz refused to defend Texas children with his silence

For a politician as calculating as Ted Cruz, who also touts himself as a defender of family values, he has been oddly silent about appearing on the same speaking program as Yiannopoulos. While some Republicans were condemning CPAC for inviting Yiannopoulos, Ted Cruz said nothing before the pedophile tape surfaced. Even since the tape was publicized, Cruz has said nothing. 
Why hasn’t Ted Cruz spoken out against the hate promoted by Milo Yiannopoulos? If nothing else, Ted Cruz is a shrewd politician with a very good sense of what drives alt-right GOP activists, especially in Texas. Cruz knows that even a flawed messenger like Yiannopoulos is delivering a popular message among the most extreme activists within his own party. If Cruz can get away without commenting on Yiannopoulos, even after learning about the pedophilia tape, he will stay quiet.

Similar trend with the Texas GOP

Milo Yiannopoulos may be an emerging alt-right star, but he is not the only controversial right-wing personality to capture the imagination of Republican activists and then be promoted by Republican politicians. 
In 2014 Greg Abbott launched his primary campaign tour with appearances and an endorsement by burned-out rock star Ted Nugent. Abbott never discussed, acknowledged, or apologized for Ted Nugent’s history as a sexual predator who admitted to preying upon underage girls — even manipulating parents into allowing him to have sex with their daughters. At one appearance, Greg Abbott proudly took to the stage with Nugent and allowed Nugent to refer to him as his “blood brother.
Nugent’s history as a sexual predator hasn’t kept Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller away either. In fact, Miller currently lists Nugent as his campaign treasurer and has appeared in campaign videos with Nugent at his side.

Protecting Texas children is an essential family value

Recent horrific news reports have detailed the abuse of innocent children within our state’s child foster care program — abuse so bad that children have died and thousands of others have been forced into sex trafficking. The broken and abusive system did not develop overnight. It happened over years of neglect and indifference by Greg Abbott and other Republican office-holders who have held every lever of power in Texas for a generation. 
We have no doubt that Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and other Texas Republicans will continue to wrap themselves in rhetoric espousing family values. However, the neglect they have shown to innocent children, and their ongoing affiliation with the most divisive and mean-spirited GOP activist cheerleaders like Nugent and Yiannopoulos, surrenders any legitimate claim to family values.

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