Purge and Pack with the Decluttering Diva

Have you ever moved home, packed up boxes of things you ‘might use one day’ and never used them again, maybe they are even still sitting in the box in the attic or garage unopened 5 years later. Moving should be taken as an opportunity to refresh, declutter and organise but this isn’t always as simple as it might seem when you’re in a rush.

Kristina Duke from Decluttering Diva has seen it all, including people packing up their homes in a rush and packing an entire box of rubbish and old packaging, then having the removal company move the box of rubbish to the new home.

To combat the hoarding and collection of clutter, Kristina offers a Purge and Pack service where she will help you sort through what you do and don’t need to take with you to your new home before packing up and then unpacking and organising at your new home.

If you would like any more information on the Purge and Pack service we invite you to visit Kristina’s website: declutteringdiva.com.au

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