Who Am I?

Life is good

1: My life in 100 words…

I am a friend, a twin sister, and someone you can count on. I am one who strongly cares about the happiness of others. Friends, family, teammates.

I am someone who enjoys staying active. Dance team, soccer, running. Nothing like time at the lake. Camping in the woods under the stars. I love traveling, snuuba diving, white water rafting, and water activities.

Learning to drive. Concerts, food, parties, it’s going by too fast. Then school, homework, more homework. Practice after school, I can feel Fall rolling in. Life is good, so much joy, happiness and it is only the beginning.

My grandpa teaching me to drive his stick- shift volkswagen

3: Music Video…

The song, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, is a song that can always make me happy. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of my mom because it’s her favorite song. To hear my favorite part of the song, skip to 0.50 in the video.

4: Picture of myself at 9:00pm, Tuesday night…

On a typical Tuesday night, I am normally in my basement or in my room doing homework.

5: Boomerang Video…

This is a boomerang of me turning to show my love for dance and that I work hard to improve on my skills everyday.

6: Three people that inspire me…

photo credits: Wikipedia

One of my inspirations is Martin Luther King Jr. He was an equal rights activist and an incredible public speaker. I honor him for his bravery, compassion, and the loyalty that he demonstrated through his activism.

Photo credit: Girlspire

Another one of my inspirations is Misty Copeland. She is an American ballet dancer for American Ballet Theatre. Misty is a dance prodigy, and I look up to her because she has so much grace, strength, and talent when she dances.

Photo Credit: Randall K. Wilkin Sr. Obituary- Arlington Heights, IL

Lastly, my third inspiration is my great- grandfather, Randall Wilkin. He fought in WW2. He got injured during the war, but that did not stop him from living and enjoying life until he was 94 years old. I honor him for his kindness and strength.

7: A quote that inspires me…

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”- William James

I like this quote because it always reminds me that I can make a difference.

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