Deploy MySQL on Oracle’s High-Performance Cloud (Step-by-step Guide)

  • No vendor lock-in: pay minimal or no egress charges and directly access your binary data files. Getting your data out of other clouds can be tedious and expensive.
  • Consistency: use the same database on-premise as on-cloud. It’s the MySQL Enterprise Edition, the same version available from the website. Use the same monitor for both on-premise and cloud.
  • Support: rely on database support from the team that develops MySQL
  • Click Identity. From left menu, choose Compartments and Create Compartment
  • Name your compartment “Demo”.
  • Click Networking, Virtual Cloud Networks
  • Click Create Virtual Cloud Network
  • Create In Compartment: Demo
  • IMPORTANT: Select option: Create Virtual Cloud Network plus related resources
  • Click Create Virtual Cloud Network
  • From left menu, select the dropdown for compartment list and select your root compartment.
  • From top menu, click Identity, Policies and Create Policy.
  • Name: I chose “MySQLPaaS access”
  • Add four Policy Statements exactly like the following:
  • Select Create
  • Click Storage, Object Storage
  • Switch compartment (bottom left menu) to “Demo”
  • Chose Create Bucket
  • BucketName: MySQLBackups
  • Create Bucket
  • Click Identity, Users
  • For your user, choose the elipses on right and select View User Details
  • On left menu, choose “Auth Tokens
  • Generate Token Important: Write down this token. It’s unavailable after it’s created.
  • While your here, write down the user name for which you’ve created this token. It should be something like: You’ll need this later.
  • User name: Choose Identity, Users. This should be the user for whom you generated the Authentication Token in the previous step.
  • Tenancy and region: Noted at top of screen
  • Bucketname. Choose Storage, Object Storage. Note the name of the bucket that you created




I lead a team of MySQL Architects ( aka Sales Engineers) at Oracle. Interests: cloud, containers, kubernetes, terraform

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Lee Stigile

Lee Stigile

I lead a team of MySQL Architects ( aka Sales Engineers) at Oracle. Interests: cloud, containers, kubernetes, terraform

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