.controlpanel Guide for Sketch

We used the most necessary Sketch functions in the Sketch version of .controlpanel. They’re intuitively understandable and very easy to use. This guide will explain how to work with this set.

First of all, make sure that you can see a page list in the left panel. If you don’t have the list, just click on Expand icon.

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9 pages, Setup, Guides and Grids, Elements, Components, Charts, Templates

1. Customize Colors and Typography

Switch to the Setup page. Here you can adjust the system’s visual style.
We used Shared Styles for each element. All styles are interconnected, and it’s easy to readjust the project according to your needs.

Select the color rectangle, change the color and click on the icon to update the style in the right panel.

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The same is the process with text layers. Change color, size and font in a matter of seconds.

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You can change each detail, shadows, colors, outlines — we set the whole system so you could customize design up to your needs.

We tried not to use plug-ins, but to change the code style you’ll have to install free Autolayout plug-in. Just install and launch it, and you will be able to customize code styles.

It’s the only case when you’ll need this plug-in, everything else works without it.

Learn more about layer styles and text styles

It’s also very easy to change the logo.

Paste your logotypes in color and white versions inside this artboards and it will be changed across all system.

2. Elements, Components, Templates

Templates are based on the principle of atomic system. The set has elements — the smallest details from which the components and then templates are collected and created.

Now look at Templates Colored page. These are alternative templates if you need contrast. Surely, each detail has resizing constraints.

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More information on resizing

3. Nested Symbols and Overrides

Each element that is used several times is made through symbols. Use overrides to customize symbols.
You can change the text, choose a different icon or another colour.

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Small elements overrides
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More complex elements overrides

We recommend installing a free Runner plug-in for quick symbols’ search and view.

4. Guides and Grids Page

Open the Guides and grids page, and you’ll see the main layouts and guides. Follow the guide while creating new pages and elements, and use one of the pre-made layouts.

Thank you!

That’s it, we’ve covered the main points. Write us at @lstore.graphics if you have any other questions.

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