Real Life on the Gravelly Streets of Shakti Fest

Two times a year, people from all over the country gather in the California desert for two reasons: to develop their yoga practice, and connect with each other on a deep, loving level through workshops and healing practices. Shakti and Bhakti Fest were founded in 2011 and celebrate “the devotional paths of yoga, Kirtan (sacred music), and meditation.”

The festivals are drug and alcohol free in order to give people a pure experience of love, laughter and an open conscious. It’s all about “tapping into the divine feminine” that we are so disconnected from in our Western Society and on our planet as a whole.

This weekend, May 12 to May 16, 2016 in Joshua Tree, I got to take it all in myself.

Images, signs, and Tibetan prayer flags surrounds the Shakti Yoga festival as we arrive. The love in the air is palpable and there is no doubt we in for something special.

Early morning and the excitement is high. We immediately make it to the main area of the festival to take it all in and prepare ourselves for the workshops and yoga classes with renowned teachers and healers from all over the world.

To hear about the healing process that goes on in the Women’s Dome is one thing, but to see it with your own eyes is transformational. These women are complete strangers, but at Shakit, we come together as sisters in order to heal past wounds and destructive relationship patterns. Elishia — to the right — attended “The Power of Love in Bhagavad Gita.”

“Something in me opened up and went away.” — Elisha.

As the sun sets, we need food and nourishment. Here, a man is served a delicious Indian dosa.

“Going vegetarian is one of the simplest things we can do to reduce our environmental impact. It saves massive amounts of water, land, and minimizes our carbon footprint.” — Shakti Fest.

These beautiful beings are walking around the festival with elegance and grace. His hand gesture (mudra) is the Abhaya mudra and stands for fearlessness, protection, peace and a sense of strong, deep inner security.

Reiki healing is a big part of Tibetan and Indian traditions. This man has studied the practice for several years. He says the secret to a fulfilling life is to live as simply as possible, and to realize that all we need already exists inside all of us.

When our hearts are open and the sky is black, we listen to the voice of Donna De Lory, who’ve performed with artists like Madonna and Barry Manilow.

Tears and laughter combined with serenity, selflessness, and lots of love summarize this weekend in the most perfect way.

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