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There are many ways to tap into divine guidance and reach a heightened state of awareness without needing a mat

Allow yourself to become fully aware and present in any moment. (Photo: Krismas)

Dealing With Life

My daughter was wreaking havoc in the living room; there were toys and popcorn crumbs everywhere and it was starting to get to me so I went into the bathroom to get some alone time.'s-v-es-ar-1bzb-10.php's-v-es-ar-1usk2-11.php's-v-es-ar-1vel-15.php's-v-es-ar-1sed2-16.php's-v-es-ar-1kkp-1.php'lila-JSM-Skikda-v-en-gb-1qcd-.php'lila-JSM-Skikda-v-en-gb-1vjk-9.php'lila-JSM-Skikda-v-en-gb-1ydk-11.php'lila-JSM-Skikda-v-en-gb-1fno-6.php'lila-JSM-Skikda-v-en-gb-1ead-18.php'lila-JSM-Skikda-v-en-gb-1fpa-12.php…

Unwind with the pleasant scents of aromatherapy


Think essential oils just make the room smell better?

Guess again.

The benefits of aromatherapy are well known and include improving sleep, balancing mood, and relieving stress.

Aromatherapy has been in use throughout much of human history. …

Two weeks of quarantine doesn’t have to be lonely

Photo by KAOTARU on Unsplash

If you were stuck on a desert island for two weeks, how would you spend your time? What if you weren’t completely stranded on this island. You could see your family and closest friends just out of reach, going about their lives. But you aren’t able to physically interact with…


Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps.

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