The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

The basic problem with this opinion is that the author just simply does not know what she is talking about. One of the key foundation principle of Socialism which is always echoing that “Rich people has to pay more!” Unfortunately, it does not mean that they expected to pay the same percent of their income as poor people has to, Socialist thinkers propose that rich has to pay much more proportion than poor ones. And, on the other hand, everybody has the right for some kind of social network. The basic problem with this system is very simple, and disastrous. This type of redistribution of the flow of products and money is a serious attack against the value of work. Within that kind of system nobody wants to work, because work is not rewarded at all! If you work hard and you became successful, they will take away most of your money and you are not rewarded, but if you are not working at all, in spite of this, your basic needs will also be provided, so you are not motivated at all to find a job and do something for the same level of lifestyle. This is also a huge problem with Capitalism, from the opposite point of view, because in Capitalism your work is also not rewarded appropriately.

So, a work centered society is the answer. Not Socialist nightmares…