Maps & Micro Views

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

A micro view of Loma Linda, California. The wide open roads, orange trees and lush green hills are rather “unspectacular” to a social media culture which overall marvels & creates hierarchies in the latest destination, food trend, & potentially banal hashtag.


Lost in Translation: Dissociation, the Unknown & Unresolved Storyline

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

Google “Japanese markets aesthetic” for Pinterest-like visually soothing internet browsing travels. I often stare at this image before writing, to find a sense of wonder that I associate with walking down the aisles of Japanese markets —…

Nostalgic Consumerism

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

The products we purchase and connect to have the power to shape our personal sense of history and place in the world. This reflects how entrenched consumerism is in our global culture. This seemingly everyday spread of California rolls, sushi footballs and miso in…

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

(Enter Scene: Writing by the water as Enrique Iglesias’ track, “Be With You” plays in the background. It’s slightly overly sentimental but it’s the Spanish I speak, vosotros and all. The song also overturns the utterly ridiculous stereotype that Latino men cannot be open hearted, passionate…

Interior Design

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

CW: Suicidal Ideations & trauma from Rape

The Mount San Jacinto Deer Springs Trail in Idyllwild is where I spent many summer days hiking in my late twenties and early thirties. I ended one relationship on that trail. Why? As, I starred at the…


By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

I genuinely love to stare at a chandelier. My sense of safety is expressed & explored through interior design. My bedrooms always were my havens from the cruelty of the world.

Chandeliers, white sheer canopies to give the vibe of floating on clouds, vintage Shanghai…

Soulmates and First Dates

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

Beyond that fence, I have been training on those hills for mental clarity. This week, as I was running under the warmth of the desert sun, I had a moment of illumination: I felt the feelings of intense romantic love. This was…

Emotional Poverty

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

My daily walks in the sunshine have sustained me during this pandemic. I am fortunate to be surrounded by snowy mountains, desert hills & a vast range of trees. The streets are clean and well-paved.

Yet, I spent much of this pandemic returning to…

Justice & Ghosts

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

“The arousing from sleep, after a recent misfortune, is a bitter moment; the mind at first habitually recurs to its previous tranquility, but is soon depressed by the thought of the contrast that awaits it.” -Alessandro Manzoni, The Betrothed

A potential response to…

Beyond the Image of Love

By: Lucy Keiko Tambara

No comment other than this is my past on repeat. It took a lot of inner reflection to see that I was loved by many — but I gave far too much in a desperate attempt to feel love as I…

Lucy Keiko Tambara

Writer, Critic & Historian. Currently, writing a non-fiction book on decolonization & generational healing. Twitter Criticism: @luludoesyoga

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