Finding Myself was the Best Thing I Ever Did.

It’s the magic that keeps on giving and growing and deepening. Forever and ever and ever.

Six months ago I went on what I now officially call “My Psychosomatic Soul Journey”.

I was in the kitchen one day and I felt like I got slapped in the face, I thought to myself…”what kind of music do I even like?” Did I like that music because everyone else liked it and I wanted to fit in, or did I like it because I actually truly enjoyed it? And that’s the moment I realized my whole life, up until that second, had been built on fear. Fear of not being accepted, fear of not being loved, fear of not being good enough and fear of not fitting in. I was horrified and deeply saddened that I had rejected my true self for so long and NOT EVEN REALIZED IT!!

This sent me on my quest to discover what was me and what was me pretending to be something else in order to feel accepted and fit in. I looked and analyzed EVERY SINGLE area of my life to find out what made me, me. Every time I felt I “should” do something or “had to”, I stopped myself and analyzed it. Every time I reacted a certain way, I sat my arse down and analyzed why exactly I was reacting in such an irrational way, and so on with every single thing in my life.

Alas! Now I know EXACTLY who I am and what makes me, well, ME. I know who I am at my core and what gets my motors churning and now I’m truly living my life and embodying my destiny. I am now building my life based on LOVE, JOY, WONDER and GRATITUDE. Quite an upgrade from fear, eh? And guess what? My body started healing miraculously faster and more deeply than it had over the past year and a half!

I realized afterwards that I had literally put together a program accidentally. All the written and mental exercises I did to discover myself, they work for everyone! I’m so excited for when it’s in a deliverable form and I can share it with you beautiful people!

Today, be mindful of what you’re doing or saying. Is it really you or is it “pretend” you? You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Your sole purpose in life is to be you, who you really are. If someone doesn’t like it, well, too bad for them, because they miss out!

Light, Love and Wonder,