I’m Starting A New Epidemic

I’m starting a new type of epidemic revolution of sorts.

Have you ever noticed how the peace sign in itself demonstrates separation and two separate things?

I’m not about that. I’m about unity and lifting one another up. I’m about compassion, self-awareness and one love. I’m about SEEING the person for who they truly are — their passions, curiosities and desires at soul level. Every single person is beautiful and has a unique gift to bring to the world that we all desperately need in some way.

Enough of this labeling and dividing. The second we judge someone based on what they look like or based on our limited perceptions, is the second we separate ourselves from them and the collective oneness of awesomeness. And then guess what? WE MISS OUT on this awesomeness. Let’s FEEL deeply with our hearts and get out of our heads.

I’m starting an epidemic of good will. I’m starting an epidemic of smiles. I’m starting an epidemic of greatness. I’m starting an epidemic of joy and Wonder. I’m starting an epidemic of acceptance, love, compassion and gratitude for all of mankind. I’m starting an epidemic of real big talk and seeing one another on deep soul levels.

I see you. Do you see me?

Light, Love and Wonder,


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