Recognize it’s Happening FOR You.

I came across that quote yesterday and had a visceral reaction like “woah, truth on truth”.

Today, my friends, I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my spine and beat me to a living pulp. I honestly wish I was exaggerating but I’m not. I did some new type of movement yesterday that really released some deep stuff that has been lodged away for years, clogging my muscles and spine.

These past few months of delving into the deepest healing part of my journey have had a common emotional and old habit-dropping theme: responding vs reacting. I used to let every little thing annoy or upset me. My happiness and power depended on circumstances or situations or on other people’s reactions, all of which were always out of my control. It’s been a deep learning lesson and maturing realizing my joy, Love and gratitude have nothing to do with my zip code, other people or circumstances. My love, joy and gratitude have to do with my inner peace. It has to do with what I do and how I view my current circumstances.

Only I can bring peace to myself.

It honestly hurts to breathe. I wish I was exaggerating. I whimper and wince and shed a couple of tears unintentionally every time I make even the smallest movement. And guess what? I’m still bursting with gratitude and joy. I understand the only way to is through. I recognize this is happening FOR me and not to me. I recognize the need to participate and ask: “what kind of experience does this exist to provide for me”? This experience makes me stronger and more compassionate and more loving. I am able to fully realize the value and importance of pain and discomfort. I’ve used it to light my fire…to stir awake the slumbering warrior goddess inside of me.

No matter your circumstance or situation, allow it light you up and wake you up by asking: “what is this experience existing to provide for me”? When you do this, your whole life will change and miracles will become an everyday normal occurrence.

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself :) — time for this girl to rest! All things planned for today = canceled as I honor my body and give her the loving rest she so deserves and is asking for.

Light, Love and Wonder,


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