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I don’t mind the way you did it, but I have mixed feelings about the way I see it used. I don’t come from incredible wealth, but there are people who could help me in an emergency. I know that makes me more fortunate than most. I don’t mind anyone turning to crowdfunding where I would turn to relatives. However, I recently saw someone trying to crowdfund the replacement of the car that gets her to work. She was trying to raise $30k. If my daily driver dies tomorrow, after I call my family for help, I will get something worth under $5k. It will be old but serviceable. I will be grateful. I get a sense of fatigue from seeing these because of the amount that I see crowdfunding abused. I don’t think our generation is more entitled, but people, in general, can be entitled. Crowdfunding meets real needs, supports artistic and business endeavors that wouldn’t happen otherwise, and brings entitled people out of the woodwork. People who pan it in general shouldn’t generalize so much, but I understand the frustration.