Dear moralizing fragile busybodies who think women are fragile defenseless snowflakes with no…
Sumant Manne

I’m female, myself, not a busybody. I’m not particularly fragile, either. I have hands like sandpaper from working on cars and with hot torches. I have ruined knees from doing a very physical job before law school. I have shoulders that show the number of heavy things I’ve carried without help from anyone. I once took off into Moscow by myself with nothing but an umbrella an a US $20 bill. Another time, I drove from Dallas to Chicago alone in a single day. These days, I’m a full-time law student with a part-time job. I don’t expect anything from anyone. I take care of myself probably more than you could if you had to. When I’ve encountered sexism, I’ve mostly kept a stiff upper lip and elbowed my way through. My revenge is succeeding, defying expectations. However, the fact that I can thrive in a hostile environment doesn’t make that hostile environment a good thing. I can change my own oil and make my own living, and I don’t want a man insulting me while I go about doing those things. I’m sorry that you’re so acclimated to suffering and unfairness that you don’t want the word to be fairer and life to involve less suffering. That is so sad that I’m sorry I was snarky at you at first. It’s a tragedy that life has broken you so badly that you think the solution to sexism is just to put up with it. Please give some thought as to whether you really want to live that way.

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