2019 Summer internships at Light Transport Entertainment

Light Transport Entertainment is looking for excellent student interns.

Research area

  • General light transport algorithm
  • Ray tracing curves(hair)
  • Ray tracing 2D/3D vector graphics
  • Monte carlo ray tracing for Millimeter-wave and/or THz-wave(EHF)
  • Monte carlo ray tracing for subsurface scattering(human skin)
  • Realtime Ray Tracing(Vulkan + VR)
  • Ray tracing based geometry processing for 3D printing.

Required skills

  • Raytracing and light transport algorithm(PT, BDPT, MLT)
  • C++, OpenGL(GLSL)
  • git
  • English
  • GPGPU(OpenCL) (optional)
  • Vulkan(optional)

Duration and workload

2019/06 ~(1 or 2 month)

2~3 days/week.


  • 2,500 yen/hour~(Bachelor)
  • 200,000 yen/month~(Master)
  • 280,000 yen/month~(Ph.D)


  • Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
  • Remote


We only hire Japan resident student this year(foreign student studying in Japan will require work permit. Please consult your lab or University).

We encourage writing and publishing an academic paper(SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS, etc).

How to apply

Upload your resume/CV and send its URL to https://goo.gl/forms/1p6uGcOKWGpXPHkA2

Light Transport Entertainment Inc. is the unique company where we create light transport based graphics.