Why Learning Angular 2 Was Excruciating
Liz Bennett

You should try Angular2Boot http://lteconsulting.fr/angular2boot/ which allows you to write your Angular 2 application in full Java 8 language.

Especially the bootstrapping phase is much more convenient (one dependency in you maven or gradle build file). There is also a maven archetype which gets you going with a working application in one minute.

I did present this tool at JavaOne this year and many people found it relieving to be able to continue to use Java on the client side, without having to deal with the Javascript tooling (this is especially relevant if your backend code base is in Java too).

More is that since the Angular2Boot uses Java annotations with the same names as the typescript decorators, you can just read the typescript documentation and guess easily what to use for Java.

Another point is that when breaking changes are made in the Angular 2 API, since your code is in Java, refactoring is a lot easier than with TS or JS!


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