How to Ensure Your Business Survives into 2020

Top-tier companies prepare for the future. It is the key ingredients to their success. By considering all of the possibilities, they are rarely caught off guard.

Today, there isn’t a single company that can afford to sit on the sidelines as disruption and digital demands are reshaping how enterprises attract and retain customers, and grow business results. Now is the time to build a roadmap to bring meaningful transformations into your institution.

Several months ago, I wrote a serial blog about the key ingredients banks and insurance firms would need to succeed by 2020. A large response came from leaders outside the financial sector asking specifically how they can ensure their success in the age of digital transformation.

With the end of the decade now in sight, I recognized the need to develop a comprehensive guidebook to help all business leaders look ahead, and build a roadmap that would bring meaningful transformation. This is your Guidebook to ensure your company’s success into 2020.

4 key ingredients are carefully detailed in this guidebook:

  1. Data-Centricity: Using technology and data-connectivity to become a “Decoded Company.” Building a data-centric corporate culture helps uncover deep customer insights that fosters a sustainable competitive advantage, and a flexible and fast talent-centric enterprise.
  2. Emotional Connections: Shifting from merely improving the customer experience to providing fully personalized, bespoke, emotionally connected customer and employee experiences.
  3. One-Experience for all: Ensuring a single digital foundation in your company’s backend to enable both the employee and customer use of the same channels and platforms.
  4. Venturing Out: Expect and plan for, non-traditional players to enter the market and compete directly in areas you used to own market share. Avoid displacement by venturing forward with a network of partners with which to combine and optimize products and services.

Download your copy of “Will Your Business Survive into 2020? Your Guidebook to Success” now to understand what these ingredients are, why they are necessary, and how to develop an actionable roadmap to begin implementing each of them immediately.