K2 Disrupts — The Internet of Things (IoT) in the Enterprise

You’ve likely heard the term “Internet of Things” (IoT), but the term is broad and can cover an overwhelming amount of topics, ideas & information — particularly when looked at through an enterprise lens. In this second episode, Kenneth and Martin examine how IoT is gaining strength, particularly as it runs on the shoulders of big data and analytics. IoT will become one of the the most important shifts that will create and maintain a competitive edge, generate value across an organization, and shape how business is operated for years to come — provided it’s implemented and used wisely.

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About the author: Lawrence Tepperman is the Founder and Managing Director of K2 Digital, a leading digital transformation services and solutions firm. He has more than 20 years of experience building companies through marketing, software solutions, and management consulting. He founded K2 Digital in 2012 in order to help companies realize the tremendous benefits of digital transformation before they are disrupted.