Perfected Digital Selling!

Can you imagine a world in which:

  • Every salesperson is as good as your best salesperson?
  • Your salespeople sell the right products and services to the right customers at the right time?
  • Your salespeople sell better, faster, and smarter than you ever thought possible?
  • Your sales people never make a mistake?
  • Fulfillment is real-time, and mistakes are never made?

This world is now, and it is happening everyday for clients of K2 Digital. K2 Digital has perfected Digital Selling. We have perfected sales targeting through analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Working with our clients, we have perfected the managed sales journey with seamless interactions, arming sales professionals to think strategically and to come to the table prepared, knowing their prospects’ challenges, understanding the competitive context, and defining specifically where they can create immediate value.

We have created the first, real-time (i.e. during the actual presentation), configurable, sales presentation. The presenter is able to adjust their presentation and content using micro-gestures based upon her perception of the audience’s engagement, during the course of a live presentation. We work with our clients to enable sales reps to create proposals, show business cases, make product recommendations and assemble customized financial models — all dynamically and in real-time.

We have perfected the “know-your-client “ and order taking process, with straight-through order fulfillment right into the back-end. We have done so by leveraging automation of legacy systems, data-warehouses, decisioning & rules engines, for real-time underwriting, adjudication and approvals.

We work with our clients to perfect the end-to-end customer experience. We do so with amazingly beautiful and intuitive end-user interfaces for both sales personnel and your customer, coupled with full back-end integrations.

Examples of “Perfected Digital Selling”

  1. For a global insurance company we built a fully responsive insurance application that sold insurance, directly to consumers; online, in real-time. The platform was developed to have an intuitive, beautiful, front-end experience that was integrated into their back-end legacy systems. With this we were able to educate consumers, accept an online application, and give real-time pricing (not a quote that was ‘subject to change’), and procure the actual insurance product in real-time. This lead to: a) major back-end operations savings as we removed entire paper-based applications and processing, connected formerly disparate decision and approvals systems, b) better data intelligence, and c) a massive increase in insurance sales.
  2. Working with a global wealth management company, we built a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) tablet application for both iOS and Android that supported the company’s ~12,000 financial advisors in the field. Advisors use the solution to present a configured sales presentation based on their audience, and real-time feedback during the actual presentation. The front-end is controlled by different swipe-motions — creating a personalized sales’ presentation. They then use additional modules to open accounts, complete the ‘know-your-client’ process, and take order applications. Orders are approved and fulfilled in real-time, with zero-back office requirements. This solution manages privacy and security with immense care, wiping the data when internet connections aren’t live after 12 hours, and only allowing a certain number of client information to be stored, with full-encryption, locally. This solution has lead to massive back-office cost savings, a massive reduction in employee training costs and time, total accuracy in order capture, real-time fulfillment, and way higher sales.
  3. We worked with a global brewery to equip each of their sales representatives with a “smart-selling” sales application that helps each sales rep know which products to sell, to which customer, based on their real-value, potential-value, demographics, and other heuristics based data. Additionally, this platform ensures that the brewery’s SWAG products (branded merchandise) is handed out to customers based on value, and allows for negotiation to help reps achieve the overall potential value of their customer. Where SWAG was once handed out at whim, it is now based on a full loyalty based management points system that the representative uses to promote additional products and sales. This application has lead to much higher sales, a much better equipped sales force, and higher sales rep retention.

Our clients love our solutions.

If you haven’t “Perfected Digital Selling” in your organization, consider giving K2 Digital a call, or contact me at

About the Author: Lawrence is the founder and managing director of K2 Digital, a leading Digital Transformation services and solutions firm.He brings more than 20 years of experience building companies in marketing, software solutions, and management consulting. He founded K2 Digital in 2012 in order to help companies realize the tremendous benefits of digital transformation before they are disrupted.