It’s Not Okay to Hate Hillary Clinton
Jennifer Hoelzer

Thank you for your thoughts. Though I disagree with Senator Hillary Clinton on a list of issues, I definitely agree with your attitude toward the word hate. This election’s negativity coupled with our current economic situation has created an endless storm of emotion-driven conversations from all ends of the spectrum. I really try to catch myself when I use the word hate because often its use toward human beings is misdirected or completely unwarranted. Understanding and patience are far too often neglected. I think a lot of times we just need to calm down, step back and return to things in life that cultivate happiness.

It does sadden me that so many good-hearted people from both sides of the aisle won’t be able to vote their heart and soul in this election. From my view, Senator Clinton’s perceived or realistic ties with corporate and financial America leave far too many people worse off than their parents’ generations. It is an understatement to say that trust plays a critical role in relationships — ones of all shapes, sizes and forms.

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