Dear you,

I just read an article about how Christians have been ‘taking advantage’ of the earthquake in Nepal, promoting their ‘religion’.

A few facts I’d like to state up front(clarification a little later in the article),

1. Christianity is NOT a religion.

2. We don’t need proof that God is real, because we have faith that He is.

Have you ever experienced that absolute sense of bewilderment, wonderment, that excitement of something — perhaps of a little-known fact? Or you’ve just discovered or that boy/girl you had a crush on for the longest time just said he liked you too.

You were bursting with joy weren’t you? Excited and bubbling with giggles and laughter wanting to spread that contagious joy of yours. Unconsciously or not to make others happy too!

Well dear friend,

that is precisely what us Christians feel.

Disasters are inevitable; they deeply saddened our hearts, we long to do something to prevent them, hope and wish and pray that none of our loved ones will be caught in them but at the end of the day, they still happen. Our loved ones still die. You may ask, why would God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Trust me on this, I don’t want to divulge further into this particular topic because it is the memory’s still raw and I’m on the road to recovery but I’ve come to terms with it, I know that feeling you are experiencing; perhaps, not of the same depth or shallowness depending on how you look at it because guess what(as if you don’t already know)? We’re all different, emotionally, and physically.

Back to the previous question, why? Apologies for the bluntness of the next statement. As Christians, we believe that there is only one God, who is of the Father, the Spirit and the Son. Quite literally three in one. (I can explain more on that if anyone wants but to be frank, I think there are many others out there who would probably do a better job than I, google them. ☺)

We believe that when we die, we go to Heaven. How do we know Heaven even exists let alone how would you even know that’s where you’re headed?! (I’m getting to that.) Heaven is better than Earth, thus, wouldn’t it be better there than here? The comfort of knowing that your loved one is in a better place, Heaven, is the solace Christians are lucky enough to in some sense ‘have’, the knowledge that in the future, one day, you’ll get to meet them again.

“Why death? They are still good! They can do so much more on Earth! They are meant for greater things! Those evil people, they live so long! They should DIE! Hell is nothing compared to the worst punishments humans can ever cause those evil people to feel!!”

Would you believe me that the above was precisely how I felt? How I thought when that thing happened?

Someone then reminded me of this, our lives are not our own, we were made by God, given life by Him, He has a destiny for us, planned long before our birth, at the beginning of time. Sounds controlling eh?

Well, He actually does give you a choice, to live by Him or not. Just so you know, even if you live by Him, life is still not a bed of roses.

I know. Don’t you wish it were the opposite?

Seems to be particularly hard and not so ‘fun’, not so ‘easy’. In truth, it actually is, how so? We take comfort in knowing that there is someone always there for us. We have faith that God, no matter how dreadful the situation will ALWAYS BE THERE FOR US.

“He abandoned me.”

If anyone reading this felt they have been abandoned by God, just know this, He didn’t abandon you. He was there, whatever was happening is happening for a reason.

Life is not sunshine and roses, bad things do happen because remember, God is good but there is still evil in the world, the devil exists. God CAN defeat the devil. But, humans have a choice to follow God or to succumb to the temptings of the devil.


But it does get easier with time. Keep your focus on what you know is right, what you think God will say. He will guide you.

The bad things happen because somewhere along the line, it paves the way for something good.

“This girl is talking rubbish! Are you saying that those made-orphans are fortunate?!”

No, I am not. Why? Because I don’t know God’s plan. Only God knows God’s plan like you are the only person in the room who knows what you’re thinking(except for the someone special up there (; ).

Why I think Christians are posting what they are about the deeply tragic Nepalese disasters.

If I were them, my reasoning was because like I said earlier, that wonderful joy we have about knowing God? We are sad because there are some which are gone


without knowing Christ(Christ?! I thought you said God! Explanation below.). There is no Christian or human being who would(should) ever wish for the pits of hell to fall upon even their worst enemy. That is what is happening which makes these people cry out in hopes of a ‘revival’.

What is a ‘revival’? A revival is basically a group of Christians spreading the news of Christ in a certain region which has not heard of Him.

That is our ‘job’ to spread the Gospel. Not really a job because well, you’re overfilling with the love of God and you basically have this persistent urge to spill it over and hope to infect more people.


Once we know that there is Heaven and Hell, we just want to prevent people from falling into hell and we know that the only way is through Him.

*A very long time ago, God chose a group of people, long story cut short, they disobeyed and the wrath of God befell upon them, during that time, you couldn’t cry out God’s name, you’d be strike down by lightening because we are sinners and hence, unworthy to speak directly to Him. You had to go through a priest. Then, God sent His only Son down, Jesus Christ to die on the cross for all our sins. When Jesus died the barrier between God and us broke down. How? Jesus was innocent, he had no sin. He was hung on a cross, treated like a sinner when in fact- he was sinless. He did rise again on the third day because He is after all, the Son of God, he just came down into the body of a human male. Sinless? Aren’t babies sinless? Nope. They aren’t. We are all born with sins because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eden plucked the forbidden fruit when she was explicitly told not to(disobedience). What do you mean by believing in Jesus? I mean believing that Jesus is the Son of God who came to die for our sins. No, believing Jesus is not the immediate one-way ticket to heaven. The devil believes, knows that Jesus is the Son of God but you don’t see him in Heaven do you? How then, repent of your sins. God forgives those of you who are repentful.

*this is an extremely compressed version of an enormously complex story.

At this point, I would like to note that I seem to be becoming long-winded and ‘off-topic’ and this is because I am trying my hardest to explain everything(which is pretty much impossible) in the shortest way possible. The Bible is an extremely long book with a lot of information.

How do I know that God is real?


Faith is believing, taking a chance. I don’t think I am taking a chance when I say God is real because I know He is. I can’t fully explain it because there is a lack of words but all I say is that you just know. You know that there is someone there.

Imagine you’re back in time, before technology: MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays and etc., and someone asks you:

“Do you have a brain?”

More likely than not, your answer would be yes.

“How do you know you have a brain? I can’t see it!”


You just know you do, heck that’s how you’re even talking, moving, doing stuff.

In some way or another, that’s how we know God is real.

Christianity is not a religion.

I hope somewhere along the line, you may have picked up at this point that as Christians, we actually talk to God, have conversations with Him, pray to Him, thank Him for everything and etc.

Imagine that you’ve just met this person, you’ve just ‘clicked’ and you’re talking to them, everyday, true or false, you form a relationship with them, it grows deeper, stronger.

That’s what is happening. The more we talk to God, communicate with Him, the stronger our relationship grows.

The more time we spend with Him, the more content with life you’ll be, trust me, if God can take care of a teeny-tiny flower in a bed of lovely daisies, I am pretty sure He can take care of you if you’ll just let Him.

Just have a little faith and only if you mean it, say “Sorry.”. No harm right?

Just a little warning, don’t expect immediate results. This is not some quick-fix cure to all the problems. This is about faith and believing.

I honestly hope by now that your doubts have been clarified, I know I didn’t answer the topic question straight-on and that was because if I had, I felt as though it wouldn’t have been accurate and cause some befuddlement. I wrote about what I feel I should right, somewhat spreading my bit of joy in knowing that there is someone up there looking down at me, way above that satellite high up in the sky.

It’s pretty comforting especially as I now face one of the toughest exams in my life thus far. I walk in knowing that whatever happens, good or bad, is for a reason and to fufill His purpose for me.

Much love,




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