too much.


How do people deal with it? The pain.

The frustration.

The pressure.

The non-existent-ness of the severity of the situation.

Why do I blow things up?

Am I just mad?

Crazy, perhaps?

I’m not..

I exaggerate. A lot.

You know, you realise that it’s enormously ridiculous.

There are so many things to do yet so little time.


Steve Jobs said, “I wake up everyday thinking what would I do today if it’s my last.”

Most of us spend every waking moment coming up with brilliant plans only to never execute them ever with the simple excuse of, “Tomorrow.”

How many time have YOU found yourself ‘excusing yourself’?

I bet if everyone said ,”I’ll do it today.” right now —

The advancement in society would be incredible.

Okay then.


How many of you already knew that?

Yes. YOU.

A friend of mine jokingly said yesterday that if we all would take our own advice, we’d be geniuses.

I couldn’t agree more.

I believe that most of the crucial(obviously not all) advice we need is already within us because EACH AND EVERY ONE of us is blessed by GOD with the gift of reasoning. Quantitative, spatial and etcetera.

Obviously then, why do some people only man-up and change themselves after someone has given them good advice? Simple.

Though it may be ingrained in our brains, nobody’s perfect and we only use a certain percentage of our thinking ability daily. The advice that person gave unlocked that part.

He brought their attention there!

Some things, can only be learned through experience, unconsciously and subconsciously. This is where the term transferrable skills come to play.

Why would a pianist more likely be a better surgeon than a non-pianist assuming both possess the same level of intelligence, physical attributes and level of education(basically ceteris paribus)?


Transferable skills. To be a successful pianist, one would have to have brilliant hand-eye coordination.

Hand-eye cordination is detrimental in surgery.

An accidental cut due to the lack of coordination even by the tiniest fraction of a millimetre may have fatal consequences.

I just realised how I can basically write everything here and no one I know or anyone will probably read this.

Kind of glad and sad. Haha.

Much love,




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