Writing components using React has become a cleaner and more efficient task since the introduction of the Hooks API.

However, adopting this new API brings about a paradigm shift: instead of using classes with their attributes and methods, now we have to deal with regular functions.

Test Patterns Before Hooks

Before the introduction of Hooks in React 16.8, state changes were only possible using class components, and as a result of that, developers made use of the possibility to access class-component methods directly, when writing unit tests:

However, this pattern can’t be used if the component is a plain function, and since Hooks-based…

It’s important to stand out from the competition to succeed in any market. Whether you are starting out or have a established business, the most likely situation is that there are at least a handful of other people also offering services and products similar to yours.

The businesses that better adapt to their customers needs, and that can convey this idea in a clear manner are the ones that will get ahead. This is where design comes to help.

What design is about

Design as a general discipline deals with finding the best solutions to relevant problems. Within the scope of User experience (UX)…

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