DREAMERS!? This is a Call for you!

Dreams turns out to be memories.

You are no longer a dreamer when you realize that you can make your dreams come true, when you realize that you are ALIVE and being alive is such a big responsibility, because… Folks, you have to make each day count!


So, Let’s be realistic, are you living the way you want? Are you spending life surrounded with people you love? Are you actually putting effort into it to make your dreams come true, every single day?
If the answer is NO, I’m sorry.
If the answer is YES, high-five, you are definitely one of mines.

But here it is what I want to share with you tonight, my experience, ACTUALLY one in specific… Koh Phi Phi Island — THAILAND.

In 2010, I was 19 Years old, I found a random photo on the internet, a paradise with blue water, white sand, big rocks, exotic and my first thought it was: “WOW, what a Beautiful place, I don’t know where it is YET, But I’m definitely going there.”

Like I said, I DID NOT know where, in this world, that paradise was located or even if it was real. ANYWAYS, I posted on Facebook with the tittle: I won’t come back!

Such a DREAMER, huh? A young little girl, who never travelled before building dreams, big dreams… but I’ve been always so determinative with everything in my life, always with my family and friends support, and less then weeks I found out the answer “where”!

THAILAND! Touché! The paradise EXIST!

GUESS what?
After years planning my first trip around the world…
I WENT for a backpacking with a friend (a special Thank you to him who invited me) to THAILAND!

What a wonderful experience!

I learned how to say “hello” in Thai (sawadee Ka), I went to Bangkok, I saw and hugged the tigers, I took a ride with an elephant, I went to Koh Tao, I passed 3 days eating crackers and drinking coconut water because I ate something that made my stomach really bad, I MEANT THE REALLY BAD… I also meet an american couple who has a online business in U.S. but are living in an Island with they own private Jet, Oh I can’t forget about the amazing couple who lives in Canada, they were there for their honeymoon, I called them my angels for a night because they helped me a lot and I’m so glad we still keep in touch, also “the big group of friends” from Netherlands, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, America, Italy, etc…What a EPIC night, I remember when we were playing card games in our Hostel — Phi Phi Room and everyone was supposed to say Cheers in their own language (what a good vibe), we ended up going to a party on the beach… Oh My Gosh!!! Cheers guys, I’m so Glad for a lifetime memories, Thank you for pass through one of the bests times of my life and hope you are all good and still traveling the world.

Back on track, I spent 10 days or more in Thai and GOD knows What I Felt when I saw, in front of me, the same view I was wishing to see in 2 or 3 years back!

The Top-point-view of Koh Phi Phi Island, BREATHTAKING. (picture)

If you did not notice, I’m making a point here: How wonderful is to make such good memories in your life?
You might first sound like crazy, but who cares? If being crazy makes you happy, GO FOR IT!
Think deeper: DO NOT accept excuses, take FULL responsibility for your actions, FOCUS, DREAM OUT AND LOUD BUT live the dream.

Now tell me, what is your DREAM made of?

I’m taking Full responsibility of my actions and you?

Surprise me with your stories/dreams/thoughts
Leave the comments

Share soon some of my stories and Cheers for the new ones.
Stay Tune


Luana Lenara The Wanderlust

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