The Second Week @ ETC CMU

Time past so quick. I am struggling with the BVW Round1 everyday in the whole week.

For round 1, the assignment is that we need to develop a game, in which player will help character A to overcome the difficulties and get the goals, while character B will be in the way. Also, character A is afraid of character B. To develop a game like this, our team had a hot discussion, and got two ideas.

For the first idea, which is raised by me, I suppose to develop a game, in which player is a set of emotions, and character A is a person that has emotional cognitive disturbance. That means that A could not decide what emotions he need to have in daily life, which lead to his miserable life. Player need to help him to choose the correct emotion to overcome the difficulties he might meet in daily life. For examples, he may need to go working, which requires his confident, and he may need to go dating, which requires his romantic…..this game idea is pretty cool I think, and also I suppose people nowadays may need to learn control their emotions, I think it will be a fun and educational game.

For the second idea, which is raised by my teammate, we would like to build our game on a magic cube. There are different worlds on each face of the cube: forest, sea, dessert, lava….and there will be obstacle on each tile. Player need to help character A on go searching the whole cube to get the fuel for him to escape, and also need to help A to escape from being caught by the enemy. We will build this game on VR devices, and use Leap Motion to control it.

Finally we choose the second idea, which shows that the idea is pretty cool and interesting. I will show you guys the game next week.

Michael LUAN