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Build a Remarkable Career in Software Development

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Reading is one of the most habits which has helped me unstoppable develop, improve technical skills and soft skills. Today, I want to share my reading list which is useful in my career path and you too.

📚 Books:

This book explains details know about:

  • What is the Clean code?
  • How to write good code through principles, best practices of writing clean code.
  • The benefit of unit test and practice test-driven development (TDD).

Author of this book is Robert C. …

Lessons Learned from Robert C. Martin

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Table of Contents:

  • Overview of the Clean Code book — Robert C. Martin(Uncle Bob)
  • What is Clean Code?
  • Tips to write Meaningful Names in software.
  • The rules to make a Function easy to read and understand.
  • Comment code, should you comment on bad code or rewrite it?
  • The benefit of Unit Test, Test Driven Development (TDD)

Original in My Blog: https://luanotes.com/blogs/how-to-write-clean-code


“Master programmers think of systems as stories to be told rather than programs to be written” — Uncle Bob.

Clean Code — A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship is a must-read book for developers, especially when you want to be a better…

Show-Delete Posts & Create Hashtags for Post & Search Posts

Previous Post:

Table of Contents:

  • Add show Post page: Show detail information of Post.
  • Add delete Post function.
  • Create Hashtags for Post.
  • Implement Search Posts function.

What’ll you learn after reading the article?

  • CRUD in Active Record: Read/Delete Posts and CRUD Hashtags
  • Association in Active Record: The has_many :through association
  • Active Record Query: Retrieve data from the database using Active Record

Show Post Details

Step 1: Add show action in Posts controller

class PostsController < ApplicationController
@post = Post.find(params[:id])

In this action, a post variable gets through by params id.

Step 2: Add show View: (app/views/posts/show.html.erb)

<div class="post-show">



Upload Photo for Post & Upload Avatar for Users

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Part 1: medium.com/luanotes/build-instagram-by-ruby-on-rails-part-1

What’ll you learn after reading the article?

  • CRUD in Active Record
  • Association in Active Record
  • Validation in Active Record
  • Active Storage feature in Rails 5.2
  • Pagination with Kaminari gem.

Table of Contents:

  • Create the Post model.
  • Association between User and Post models.
  • Using Active Storage to attach an image in a Post.
  • Create a new Post and add validation to Post.
  • Show posts on the Homepage and User profile page.
  • Using Kaminari gem to paginate Posts.
  • Upload Avatar to User.

Creating the Post model

Models in Rails use a singular name, and their corresponding database tables use a plural name. …

I’ll guide you step by step learning Ruby on Rails through building the Instagram application.

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What’ll you learn after complete this project?

  • How to start a new Rails application?
  • Design System from Craft
  • Understanding MVC (Model — View — Controller) architecture
  • Model: Active Record migration, validation, callback, association, and query interface
  • View: Layout, Partial and Form helpers
  • Controller: Actions, Strong Parameters
  • Rails Routing
  • Active Storage to upload files
  • Using Bootstrap, Devise, Kaminari gem in Rails application

Table of Contents:

  • Tech Stacks
  • Understanding about MVC in Ruby on Rails.
  • Create New Rails Application
  • Using PostgreSQL database and Bootstrap for our Application
  • Sign Up — Sign In — Sign Out for Users by using Devise gem
  • Create User Profile Page
  • Edit/Update User Profile

Tech Stacks

  • Ruby 2.4
  • Rails 5.2.x

Luan Nguyen

🚀 Software Engineer at ITviec — Interested in Ruby, Python, Design Pattern, Clean Code, TDD, Performance, Scalability — https://fullstackrubyonrails.com

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