A version of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” I wrote recently: feedback/opinions appreciated

Enter log:

I lay the inanimate thing down onto the blood soaked table. It’s limbs resembles that of someone who was frostbitten; cold and blue. Not a natural shade of blue like the veins on the wrist of a young girl or on the neck of a man lifting twice his weight but of a deeper hue. If Death herself had a shade it would be this. It’s eyes are wide open, the tape holding the eyelids to the cheeks have worn off and a lifeless shimmer shines through the forrest green shade of the iris. But this is no grass filled plain, no streams run through bringing with it life in this forrest. No elk roam the grounds nor eagle soar the skies in the realm that is this shade. Nothing but a chill that leaves the hairs on the back of your neck rising, begging to escape, come from the glare of this abomination. Yet, the work must be complete. Too many lines have been crossed, too many paths walked that God alone may judge the direction in which I went. But for this final act, I am God.

The room is dark, save for the flickering light that sits above the examination table of the lecture hall. Illuminating, mocking the atrocities in its sight. The blood stained table and gloves, the thing laid bare with wires piercing through the veins attached to the two conductors besides the table. I could not stand the glare of the thing so I covered the upper portion of its head with a copper plate, a sponge leaks from within as if an execution were taking place. But, that’s the thing, you can’t kill what’s already been dead.

Good thing winter brought in the frigid air, the perfect time to conduct my experiment; no one is here on campus except for the janitor and myself. All have gone away to see their family I suppose. While they are out celebrating life, I am about to create it!

Enter log:

He lives! Oh the marvelous creature, the pure electric shock sent it into what seemed an anaphylactic state but, those eyes as soon as the lever went down glued themselves onto my own. He’s frantic! Letting out whales and moans, his limbs flailing about, oh how he shrieks in pain, my child, come. You shall be named Faust. For where the good doctor failed, he feared his time was up and limitations ceased his power and fear ceased his heart, Lucifer his soul. For that, we shall avenge him for you Faust shall live longer than any man, have a heart impenetrable as steal and a creature of the night, your soul reeks that of the soil in hell! Lucifer himself dare not quarrel with me! Show yourself god, for I am Prometheus and science be my mud! Show me how life belongs to you alone because on this day, as this creature lay at my feet, convulsing and startled, yet the breath of life flowing through his veins, I, Victor Frankenstein, have created a new form! This, god, this is the future of man!

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