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Labyrinthian is a top-down shooter game where the player is trapped in a maze surrounded by monsters. The goal is to escape safely without getting murdered by those creatures.

My teammate Ian Tyson and I had sketched out several drafts before finalizing the decision, which did not take long because we sort of have similar ideas of what game we were going to prototype.

Ian is the programmer, and I'm in charge of designing the game. We both came up with the concept of making an otherworldly type of game. For me, I have always intrigued by supernatural beings such as spirits, angels, or demon, and to be able to visualize my obsession with the game, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to show off my design skills.

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The main character will be represented as a fallen angel, who is stuck in a diabolic Labrinth filled with demons. For the enemy, I wanted to make it look like it’s been possessed by evil energy and the color of purple is best to describe my intention. Ian suggested making the enemy with only one eye for it to further portray the image of a demon. I am beyond satisfied with the final design of the enemy as well as its animated movement. The main character is the one that I need to work on a bit more, in terms of animation and the design itself.


The overall response of the game had been quite positive. They all enjoy how the game processes. There are few feedbacks regarding the amount of enemy is not enough to fill up the maze, and there should have been a big boss to make the game more challenging. Also, the game needs to have a directional map added to the corner of the screen which would make it easier for players to know where they’re going. Another suggestion to make the maze a bit clearer is to have landmarks scattered all over the place.

These are great suggestions for me and Ian in order to elevate our game even better. I definitely take every feedback into consideration to reprocess the game because I think it needs more readjustment as well as other playtesters.

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an unknown artist is loved by supernatural forces.

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