Have you ever imagined your day without having a glass of water or even a bite of bread ?

Just thinking about it chills me to the bone .

Sometimes i imagine myself as a little child who didn’t had that taste of a decent food and say : mom , dad I am hungry can i have a bite of your sandwich ?

Anyone can hear me , please i am starving , i can’t handle the pain in my stomach .

Mr. President , can you tell them to feed me ? All my friends are dead because they didn’t eat , please Mr. President , i don’t want to die i want to be a doctor and help other children . I don’t want them to feel that pain of starving on their stomach .

And suddenly i am awake of that imagination ! Then… what did you do Lubna to help these poor kids ( speaking to myself ) ?

I actually cried over and over because we all watch on the news or social media children and adults die of hunger. And unfortunately our leaders stand and still ! . And it makes me angry for not making a change for these poor human beings. I wish if our leaders feel that anger too .

How do they even sleep at night ?!

They swore they’ll protect their people , and provide a decent life for them . But they couldn’t handle their word !.

We have to achieve all of our sustainable development goals . It’s our right, our green light and brand new beginning.

Let’s live green and bright …