Do You Need A Espar Heaters?

In the harsh cold of the winter season, sitting inside the vehicle everybody longs for the warm and cozy passenger compartment and hot chocolate but when the body shivers and everything are ice cold, the luxury of warmth seems like a distant dream. No guarantee of the hot chocolate but warmth and coziness is guaranteed by Espar heaters. Espar has the most comprehensive diesel-fueled air and water heaters and is very useful for almost all commercial vehicles.

Why Espar heaters use diesel as fuel? The answer lies in the efficiency of diesel heaters. First of all, diesel is comparatively cheaper than other fuels. So refilling it goes easy on your pockets. Diesel heaters are very fuel efficient; they burn all of their fuel which means fuel is completely changed into heating, leaving little scope of energy loss. Diesel heaters do not break down easily and are low on maintenance, which means cost saving on services. Diesel heaters confine the diesel in a section wherein it is sealed with a furnace; this prevents burning and aborts all the chances of the explosion. They assure the safety of the owners of heaters and their surroundings.

Espar has a wide variety of heaters but they are broadly categorized as Airtronic Heaters and Hydrolic Coolant Heaters. Although they are commonly used as truck heaters, they can be used as a heater for any commercial vehicle. Their specifications are as follows.

Airtronic Air Heaters

Espar’s Airtronic Air Heaters do not depend on engine and vehicle’s own heat balance. They draw in cold air from outside, heat it up and then deliver it to the interior of the vehicle. These heaters can be fitted in the luggage compartment or under the floor. They are without a doubt, the most economical, quiet and comfortable truck heaters. To make your comfort perfect, they are provided with practical controls such as digital Espar timer.

Hydronic Coolant Heaters

Espar’s Hydronic Coolant Heaters do not depend on the engine and provide a double advantage. That is pre-heating of the vehicle’s passenger compartment and the engine. The interior of the vehicle is warmed with the help of thermal energy. The heater is integrated with the cooling system of the engine. Thermal energy is produced and distributed inside the vehicle to warm it up. Residual heat in the cooling water is then used to heat up the engine. Practical controls such as Espar timer and key fobs make for an ideal truck heater which ensures preheated engines and preheated compartment space.

Having taken care of the heating systems, now concerned about potential idling fine? In many of our states, there is legislation forbidding the idling of truck engines. You don’t have to worry with Espar as all the Espar Airtronic Heaters and Hydrolic Coolant Heaters are CARB approved and EPA verified. Espar heaters are compliant in regards to idle-reduction equipment selection.

With Espar heaters, once what seemed a distant dream will become a pleasant reality. Winters will not only be bearable but enjoyable and the only thing to be worried about will be your hot chocolate!

About the Company

Lubrication Specialists is a leading provider of Espar heater models to rig operators all over North America. The company prides itself on offering the most efficient truck heater models at highly competitive pricing.