Prototyping with Marvel app

Finding our favourite platform to make web and mobile prototypes isn’t easy, there are many of them, and they offer many advantages and disadvantages.

Many of them are really complete but complex. I was searching for a prototyping tool that works fast and easy, and I found Marvel app that gives me lots of more.

Marvel organizes every project you create in folders, easily rachable. It’s very easy to create a new project, quickly you can add the screens of your app, and all the elements independently such as menus, buttons, popups, alerts, etc. Marvel works with layers, and you can animate every layer over the screens, choosing by many different transitions and giving motion to the prototype.

Also you can replace the images, drag them, make anchor points, and give touch gestures to each screen.

The free version of this plattform is really good, you can make lots of projects, and you can use all the tools included.

On the free version you can share your prototypes by sms, email, embed or publish your designs to the world.

Easily I can share with my clients and test in many devices, and have all my prototypes save and organized.