Your Life Is Tetris. Stop Playing It Like Chess.
Tor Bair

I doubt the majority of people agreeing with this have a firm understanding of chess and it’s infinite lessons beyond the simple me vs. them distillation.

When thinking of a subset of goals beyond your entire life as a whole, playing chess — well, can be a great tool to develop strategic thinking. In the endless projects, dilemmas and adventures one is bound to encounter in life, knowing how to work with finite resources towards a particular end goal is surely useful knowledge to have.

Also to think that every person will randomly be dealt the exact same hand sounds foolish. Yes, one in a billion occurrences do happen to every billionth person, but a line typically comes every 7 pieces.

Unless you were fortunate enough to have been blessed with endless wealth as a birthright, I would see absolutely no harm in learning how to en passant.

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