How to start coding (work for free)

Luca Kiedrowski
Aug 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Recently a lot of people on Instagram asked me 2 questions about programming:

  • How can I learn how to code?
  • What language should I learn?

I have been developing software for two years now. I’m mostly coding iOS Apps and Alexa Skills. Let’s handle the questions in reverse order.

What language should I learn?

You can start with whatever you want. It always depends on what you want to do. Do you want to develop websites? Do you want to develop apps? A.I? Maybe even V.R.?

Just learn the language you need for that. Don‘t worry about it too much. If you still aren’t sure, start with python or java.

How can I learn to code?

I feel like a lot of people think there is a magic pill that will teach them immediately. But there isn’t. You can‘t learn how to develop software in one or two days – it takes a lot of time.

Everybody learns differently. Here are some things you could use.

YouTube Tutorials

Nowadays you can learn everything with a YouTube Tutorial. There are so many great developers who teach how to code. Just search for tutorials on the programming language you want to learn. A good YouTube channel for learning app development is „Let’s build that app“.


If you feel like you have to spend money on a course, feel free to do that! I’ve also done it. There are great platforms like Udemy, Udacity or Ryan Carson‘s Treehouse.


A nice way to really dig deep into coding is participating in workshops. However, it‘s often pretty expensive. There‘s a pretty similar option which is often for free:


This is a really cool way to learn something because you get to know a lot of people that want to learn the same things you do. Talk to other people and ask about them. It will definitely pay off.

Work for free

This is by far the best way to learn something. Just search for a project that you want to participate in and start working for free. This is how I‘ve done it. This is real life with real problems. Don‘t hide in your room, just go to the next company or startup and ask if you can help them with writing code. Almost nobody would say no.

But to work for free and actually help out you have to have some skills. I would suggest starting with one of the options above until you know the basics and then search for a company.

If I can help you out with anything, send me an email to Always happy to connect with fellow developers 😊

Luca Kiedrowski
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