What Swift UI means to current Apps and Frameworks (goodbye Hybrid Apps?!)

Luca Kiedrowski
Jun 4 · 3 min read
Source: Apple

Apple announces their new Swift UI Framework yesterday. Developers loved it. I saw one person posting on twitter that „Swift UI is the biggest dev announcement since the introduction of Swift“.

That’s a big statement.

But what will actually happen with the new framework? And what will happen to current hybrid apps?

What is Swift UI?

Swift UI is a framework for building an easy User Interface on any Apple Device. Yes, ANY Apple device. That means you can easily build your User Interface for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPads, Apple TV and Macs all in one place — with one code. This is what the code looks like:

As you can see, the code is really easy. The few lines you can see in the picture are building the entire List you can see on the right. Previously you had to create a tableview, register your cells, implement your delegate and dataSource functions and load the data in the table.

Now you can do that in one function. For Non-Developers who are reading this: Previously 5 steps, now 1 step. Looks dope!

One of the first things I had in my mind was: „Wow, a Flutter for Apple Devices“. Flutter is a framework made from Google to build native mobile apps for Android and Apple. The code looks pretty similar to what Swift UI looks like. It’s currently only available for the iPhone on the Apple devices.

Now, developers have to make some choices on what framework to use. But let’s be honest: Most apps that you now are only available on the iPhone and don’t need a version for Mac, Apple Watches, iPads or yet Apple TV. And: A lot of apps are available on the Google Play Store as well with one code base.

Goodbye Hybrid Apps?!

For the most part, it doesn’t make too much sense to delete all your Hybrid Code and go on Swift UI and native Android Development. However, Swift UI will strengthen the native Swift Community and will create a lot of discussions on what’s the best framework. Hybrid Frameworks like Flutter and React Native have been really on a winning streak in the last year and are currently pretty attractive to developers. They save a lot of time and complexity.

On what we’ve seen so far, Swift UI honestly looks like easiest framework for rapid App Development.


So, Swift UI is one of the most loved announcements of the WWDC in the last years. My Twitter account is exploding because of all the love from iOS Developers. They seem to love it.

We at Quintessence.ai will most likely use Swift UI, since we are building our apps natively on the iOS platform and are building the Android Version natively as well.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think about the Framework? And what do you think about Hybrid Development now?

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