The design of a physical space has historically always been intended as the reproduction, sometimes in miniature, sometimes on a large scale, of a company’s sample of products, services and values. These, accompanied by a clearly visible and imperative brand communication, invited a consumer to finalize a purchase or to become loyal to the brand through the subscription of a fidelity or association program. This process was often embodied and guided by a marketing department that established the company’s communication line and contracted out the implementation to a creative department that applied it to every aspect and type of touchpoint…

Digitalization is changing the rules in the kitchen, especially in professional ones.Through the selection of some case studies developed over the years, we will reveal how today’s design and trends intersect with current technological possibilities. In doing so, we will point out the benefits for companies and users in connecting their products, the factors that differentiate the European market from the American one, and the challenges that need to be faced today if we are to talk about a true “kitchen 4.0”.

The integration of digital payment methods, the pervasiveness of in-app booking and delivery and the new trends for…

Today’s world is ever more connected and digital-oriented, new technologies set scenarios where user interaction is key and integrated systems become one of the most expanding and interesting sectors for end consumers and technological product providers, as well as creative designers and planners that want to create cutting-edge sceneries and unforgettable experiences.

We recently visited ISE, the most important exhibition dedicated to audiovisual integrated systems, held at RAI of Amsterdam. Here, embraced by technology and lots of special FX, we found tangible proof of the great value of modern technologies. We are rapidly reaching the moment when they will become…

Luca Toscano

Product Designer at @StudioVolpi — Interested in everything that is related to cultural evolution and artistic expression —

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