Fast facts about Great Britain

The population of the Great Britain is current just over 60 million. The capital is London and have a population of 7.600.000. People from the Great Britain speaks English, Welsh and Scottish. The Queen ofGreat Britain is the legal owner of one-sixth of the earth’s land surface. In the Great Britain ., it is legal for kids over 5 years old to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises. Nigeria has 
more Englishspeakers than the Great Britain. Concentration camps were first used by the British during the Second Anglo-Boer War. In London is it almost impossible to find at place to park a car, and that is maybe because the average car in Britain is parked for 96% of the time. Tea is on of the most british things a long with “fish and chips”. Every day, the British drink 165 million cups of tea, which is over 20 times more than the average American. There are over 300 languages spoken in England. There is nowhere in Britain that is more than 74.5 miles from the sea.

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