My sweetest choco-pudding

/PART 1/

I was only 15 when I had decided I want to try something new, something extraordinary. I-as an only child- was always a bit more shy and silent than others but I wanted to break the ice and step out from my comfort zone. I simply wanted to try something unusual, maybe something crazy, something what I never forget.

After a few months, I made contact with an Irish family online, who was looking for a baby-sitter for a couple of time. They wanted to hire a nanny who takes care of their son from his awake till late afternoon while they are off to work. This offer was more than perfect for me. I loved children, travelling and I wanted to imporve my very (!) poor English. I thought it was a sign I found that family. I did not hesitate, purchased an airplane ticket (without telling my parents), packed my suitcase, bought an “Quick English for Dummies” book.

“Mom, Dad (…) I wanna go to Dublin.”

Well, I think I do not need to go into details what they felt. After the first shock, I explained them everything, calmed them down, gave a detailed introduction of the family who I Skyped several times so finally, they let me go.

Holding my “super-cool” English dictionary and my suitcase I took my first steps on the Irish land. It was very cold, windy and rainy when I got there in February. I followed a group of people, seeking for exit in the airport where hopefully my Irish family will be waiting for me. My legs were shaking, I repeated silently my pre-learnt English sentences “Hi, I am Luca. Nice to meet you. Oh wow, what a cute baby!” when I saw them.

Deep breath, I can do it, I can do it. With a huge smile on my face or maybe it was just a fake, nervous smile I reached them. Well, I could only say one single word from my perfect introdution speech: “Hi!” No how are you, no what a cute boy. Nothing. My brain blocked. What a “good” start! But they welcomed me warmly, hugged me and helped me with my luggage.

They explained me the basics what I should know about my daily schedule, about their son, who was sleeping at home, about the city. Luckly, I could understand English much better than I expected and then I started to talk. But above all, my main concern was the baby. Is he gonna like me, am I able to take care of him, how to make his breakfast, how to change his diaper, if I give him more food than I should is he gonna be fat…do I really want this??

I got answers for all of my question right next day. A very loud scearming or crying or whatever terrible noise woke me up. It was HIM.

I jumped out from my bed and rushed into his room. It was only 5 a.m. Seriously?? Would it be so hard to sleep only 2 hours more? But when I first saw him, all my anger was washed away. There was a tiny, black, one year old boy with black curly hair, wearing his dinosours pyjamas sitting in his bed and waving to me. As he heard I opened the door he stopped crying, and smiled at me with only 4 teeth. I took up him from his bed and started to talk to him. He was looking at me with curiosity. “Hey, little Aron!”

I prepared his breakfast, which was always a plain porridge made from milk and oat. Poor guy, how can you eat this every morning?

OK, he had breakfast and clean diaper, I changed his pyjamas to a cool outfit. What’s next? The parents went work very early and they told me that Aron likes watching the Baby TV and playing with his LEGO. Hmm, all right. Baby TV can be interesting to me, at least I can learn something about how to take care of a child. But NO! I switched on the TV and searched for this channel. A blue (!) duck was flying all over in a forest for 15 minutes. Really?? Is this really a channel? But he loved it. His attention was sticked to the screen and he watched it with open mouth. When I got fed up with the blue duck and its “nice company” like the singing mouse or dotted elephant, I changed to music channel. But he started to cry as hell of course. OK, let’s go back to the stupid, get-highed animals.

12.00, it was lunch time. His daily menu was spinach. He ate quite well, only his half face, hair and my T-shirt was full of green spinach. No worries! I washed his face and hair and I got changed my clothes second times a day because I got some choco-pudding too. After lunch, he was sleepy and wanted to take a nap. Probably, it was the easiest part of the day. He fell asleep in a second on the carpet among his LEGOs.

During the afternoon, we spent the day with playing inside or going outside to the children playground nearby. And finally at 5 p.m the parents came home from work and I could take some rest.

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