Do you have an upcoming investment decision which you feel your current process will not suffice?

Have you ever been in a room where the loudest person in the room ends up dictating the conversation?

How about the most senior? Do you find that your team just ends up waiting for that person to speak and then everyone piggy backs off what they have to say?

When it comes down to the actual voting process — does one person one vote end up being the decision making process? …

Stemming from our principles of LUCA — our Last Universal Common Ancestor — we are building the company within an ecosystem of dedicated researchers, businesses and ecosystems dedicated to collective intelligence and decision making.

Our DNA is being built from inspirations from some of the following:


MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence

Ray Dalio — TED Talk + Principles

Edward Wilson’s ‘The Social Conquest of Earth

Plus many more, which we will continue to share and explore.

Comment below with any collective intelligence resources which inspire you!

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LUCA Theory is inspired by the history of intelligence and our common ancestry which derived all of life on this planet.

With a diverse founding team, deeply embedded into a variety of business and professional communities, we appreciate the shortcomings that are associated with decision making practices. These include the troubles individuals have with their own biases, as well the team dynamics which hinder performance.

With these motivations, we started LUCA to help ourselves, our colleagues and the overall business and investment community make better decisions and harvest the knowledge of their teams in unique and scalable ways.

Having built and tested our rapid-response algorithm over the past year, we are ready to launch our process and product to the community! You can get engaged with us at


LUCA Theory

Better, more informed decisions for everyone!