How LUCA is Evolving & Why to Partner with us!

Do you have an upcoming investment decision which you feel your current process will not suffice?

Have you ever been in a room where the loudest person in the room ends up dictating the conversation?

How about the most senior? Do you find that your team just ends up waiting for that person to speak and then everyone piggy backs off what they have to say?

When it comes down to the actual voting process — does one person one vote end up being the decision making process? Or does it just end going behind closed doors and you are not able to truly understand the overall process?

If any of these problems sounds like issues for you and your team or organization, we’d welcome the opportunity to get engaged with you.

Having built our approach within a variety of businesses including stock investing, recruitment, R&D and other capital investment processes, we could be the right choice to enhance your decision making environment!

Overall, our approach involves 4 steps:

  1. You will fill out this basic form here in which we can better understand your company’s needs and gauge fit.
  2. We will develop a tailored approach to your current decision making process and engage with your team.
  3. We will analyze the results, provide recommendations and allow you to move forward in your investment.
  4. For areas requiring additional scope and to truly leverage the power of LUCA we can track your performance over time and the inputs of your team to develop novel forms of institutional intelligence for you and your team.

As we grow, we envision a future where people’s input, their confidence and conviction levels are rewarded and your knowledge, insight and interpretations are of value. How you got to those conclusions, the data you use and create to generate these insights and the future of the internet economy where we are all valuable and own the data we create.

To come along the journey with us, follow us at or begin your first LUCA powered investment process here!

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Better, more informed decisions for everyone!

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