Italy’s Programme for Government translated

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This is the unofficial translation of Italy’s Programme for Government, released on 4 September 2019. For the original version in Italian see here. Credits to DeepL for the free translation.


The Prime Minister-elect has prepared, on the basis of the guidelines shared by the 5 Star MoVimento, the Democratic Party and the Free and Equal, the following guidelines, which will constitute the general policy of the Government of the Republic for the continuation of the eighteenth legislature.

1) With reference to the budget law for 2020, the priorities are: the neutralization of the increase…

Is green the answer to Italy’s political crisis?

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Even by Italian standards, the latest political crisis is remarkable. Many predicted an early death for Italy’s populist coalition Government, made up by the 5 Stars Movement (M5S) and the far-right nationalist League, yet few could have foreseen how its final weeks played out.

During the normally sleepy month of August, Matteo Salvini made an extraordinary miscalculation. An error which looks set to lead Salvini and his party back into opposition for the next three years. Following May’s European elections, which saw League win over 34% of the vote, Salvini’s lust for…

Luca Bergamaschi

European environmentalist. Heart and soul between Italy, the UK and Germany.

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