Self driving cars won’t be completely self

Future is now. The upcoming Geneva Motor Show will show us how technologies are evolving in terms of no-driven car. Some factories, like Tesla or Audi, have already introduced them, even if they are just in the embryonic state. Anyway, will these cars be the real future?

I think not completely.

To be self-driving, a car needs an ECU, Electronic Control Unit, in which every possible move of the vehicle has to be written. Well, nothing hard to realize and the shared knowledge of possible movements will certainly prevent cars from hitting each other. But in the streets there are lots of variables independently from cars. There are pedestrians, whose moves can’t be predicted. And what if cars meet them? Avoiding one of them could mean hitting someone else.

So, keeping in mind that, we get to a conclusion, which takes us to another one.

Self-driving cars won’t be entirely self-driving.

Why? Because it’s necessary to keep an eye on the street to avoid impredictible dangers. And to avoid them we would create another impredictible move, for the car behind us, which hasn’t it on its ECU.

And what about supercars? Who would buy a Ferrari not to drive it and to let an electronic system control its engine?